Welcome to Oxglow

Oxglow provides you an online marketplace to buy and sell your items safely. We give users a platform which is free and easy to use, people can buy products and offer their services and find jobs as well. On Oxglow marketplace users can find affordable Cars for sale in Ghana, rooms for rent, house for sale, search for available jobs, electronics to buy and more. This app tries to give users a means to sell their items faster, reach out to many customers across the country and even around the world. Also, buyers could search through the curated ads and listings to buy a house, car, electronics or any other legal items.

Oxglow marketplace reduces the friction in terms of upfront charges and the hustle to buy and sell in Ghana. Bringing users the convenience to search for products and services online and building on trust. We have made the selling process seamlessly easy for our users to signup and create an ad or listing within seconds.

We have put in place strategic procedures which protects the sellers as well as buyers through verification systems. Our users can have a platform dedicated to them to sell their items online and buy with much confidence.