Ultrasound Scan (TableTop)

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Do you want to know exactly where to find a table top or portable ultrasound machine in Ghana? Do you want to know their prices and exactly which shops. image mode: b, b/b, b/m, m, 4b max display depth: 240mm resolution power: lateral 2mm, longitudinal 1mm 10"b/w monitor gray scale: 256 ty-6858a-1 is a portable ultrasound scanner of medical equipment, it is with 10"high resolution screen and weights around 12 kg(gw). magnification: × 1.0, × 1.2, × 1.5, × 2.0 depth upgrade: enlarge upgrading display information: date, time, medical records number, magnification, measurement value, character notes, coefficient of frame correlation, scanning depth, portfolio of probe type, conversion in both english and chinese, full-screen character edit etc. tgc adjustment: 8tgc adjustments cine loop: 256 frames image processing: up/down, left/right, black/white, frame correlation, γ correction pseudo-color function: vga, pal-d video output terminal probe connectors: 2, multiple probes connectable main functions application of portablet ultrasound scanner controlled by computers and digital scan converters(dsc), the use of variable apertures, multi-stage dynamic focus, dynamic broadband with low-noise pre-amplifier, log compression, tgc control, dynamic filtering, edge enhancement, frame correlation technologies etc. the image is clear, stable, and of high-resolution. 1. progressive scanning output without flickering, delicate and clear images, 10 " black-and-white vga display with high definition. 2. portable type structure, exquisite, refined; use the trackball and the touch screen keyboard structure consisting with the ergonomic principles, efficient, convenient and flexible. 3. use current leading ultrasound technology in the area of broadband technologies, increase the sensitivity and the ability of penetration with largest possibility, ensure high-quality two-dimensional image. 4. dynamic focus system, dynamic frequency scanning, multi-layer frequency conversion probes with high density. 5. use digital image processing, 8 ways for pseudo-color, a set of black-and-white image, improve the accuracy rate of diagnosis. 6. flexible processing approaches to image observation; display multiple static images and dynamic images in the same screen. 7. positioning function for lithotripsy 8. use the latest pld and vga video output devices, can be connected with external large-screen monitors, color displays, video recorders, video image printers and other equipments. 9. adopt touch-operated keyboard and track ball, efficient, convenient and flexible. Buy from Tag Itela Medical Limited today and have your Orders delivered freely at your Doorstep. “Make Payment on Delivery” Thank You.

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